About SK Media Sdn Bhd.

SK Media Sdn Bhd (SKM) was established in April 2006 to initially venture into the supply of general goods and services to private and government sectors.

Starting in middle of 2007, the management started to focus on providing design and printing services to its clients, and from then onwards has become the company’s core business. SKM currently offer a wide range of printing services from designing and printing of banner and bunting to product brochures and variuos business forms.

Currently SKM is in the midst of a “corporate restructuring exercise” whereby it will see the appointment of several new shareholders and directors, along with a new group of key personnel.  The restructuring exercise will also see our core business being expanded from just a design and printing company, to publications, exhibitions and advertising. As such registration with various bodies such as MOF, TNB, Telekom and Petronas among others, are on a going process.

With an experienced and qualified team. it is the policy of the company in providing friendly, fast, sensitive and responsive services in all our business dealings to our clients.  And this belief will continuously be applied throughout the company to ensure a successful relationship with our clients.

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